Using the Live Editor

The Live Editor available on the site allows you to create patches for your Marshall CODE amplifier direct on the site, with real time preview of the preset tone on your amp. You can choose to save the patch on the site or just use the Live Editor to control your amp from your browser.

To start using the Live Editor you will need to connect the CODE amp via USB with your PC. The Web2Amp is available only on Google Chrome 49+ and might not work on other browsers.

Once the blue "Connect" button becomes green "Connected" you are good to go.

Modifying patches in the Live Editor

You can load preexisting patches in the Live Editor either yours or uploaded by another user on the site to tweak the sound to your liking. If the patch is yours, you can overwrite it with the new settings or save it as a new patch. The built in feature "Compare with saved" gives your the ability to compare the current settings vs the stored. This feature is particularly useful when trying to find the tone of a specific song or artist.

Using the mouse wheel and keyboard arrows

For easier use of the editor, as well as all the other forms on the site, on each numeric input you can use the mouse wheel and the keyboard up/down arrows to quickly change the values of the fields. To change the value of a field with your mouse wheel, position the pointer over the field and use the mouse wheel to change the value by scrolling up and down. If you want to make the changes with the keyboard arrows, click on the field and press the up arrow to increase the value or the down arrow to decrease the value of the field.