Welcome to Marshall CODE Tools.

Download, create and share patches for all Marshall CODE amplifiers.

The site is still in beta, some functions might not be fully implemented and a lot of things require polishing, but the basic functionality of creating and sharing Marshall CODE presets works along with the unique web2amp function that allows you to directly load the settings for a selected patch tone to your amplifier via USB.

Out current to do list

  • Load patches directly from the website to your amp - DONE
  • Load presets from the site to the amp via USB - DONE
  • Live editor where you can control your Marshall CODE amp via the site DONE (beta)
  • Modify uploaded patches live to create your own variations of the preset DONE (beta)
  • Integration (download/upload) with the Marshall CODE Editor For PC (as soon as it is released)
  • Improved browsing of the patches by user / artist
  • Rating system
  • Comments
  • Full user profiles
  • Polishing the design

Please, remember that the site is still in development. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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