Clean tone

Marshall CODE patch uploaded by: fanis-wolf; Last update: Dec 4th, 2018 16:10

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Web2Amp is available only on Google Chrome 49+ and might not work on other browsers.

  1. Connect your Marshall CODE amp via USB. If you amp is powered off, turn it on and wait a couple of seconds for the OS to recognize the Marshall CODE.
  2. Click the "Preview on amp" button to preview the patch. Nothing is stored permanently on the amp.
  3. If your browser asks for permissions, grant them
  4. Wait a couple of seconds, if you get an error click the "Preview on amp" button again.
  5. If you wish to save the patch on the amp click the "Save on amp" button and enter the patch number where it should be saved.


Main Controls


Pre-amp / Disabled

Power-amp / Disabled

Cabinet / Disabled

Pedal / Disabled

Modulation / Disabled

Delay / Disabled

Reverb / Disabled